aero® Wash-N-Wax

aero® Wash-N-Wax - 5 Gal. Pail

aero® Wash-N-Wax

Economical, free-rinsing, one-step wash and wax. This product is also an excellent asphalt release. When applied onto truck beds and equipment using a foaming applicator, this product prevents asphalt from adhering to surfaces, without affecting new roadbed or winter patching compounds. A blend of liquid detergents & fine waxes, designed for efficient no streak cleaning. Produces a rich sudsy solution that emulsifies dirt & road film rapidly. Dilution: 4 to 8 oz per 5 gallon of water.

ABC 601841FA CS aero® Wash-N-Wax - Gal.

ABC 601841FA EA aero® Wash-N-Wax - Gal.

ABC 601805SA 5GL aero® Wash-N-Wax - 5 Gal. Pail